Thursday, September 19, 2013

Story of Change

Please read the story from a new member of the movement.

"I'm apart of the expungement Alabama movement. We were advised to contact our local legislators about the concept of changing laws concerning ex felons. I am an ex felon. My crime was committed in 2003. I was 18 years of ages at the time, and it was my first offense. I was denied youthful offender. Since then I served my time and was released in 2006. I completed my 2 year probationary period with no new offenses or misconduct. I graduated from Fortis college, with my certification in Emergency Medical Technician. I'm currently working as a mental health worker for Jefferson County. But my past plagues me from moving forward with my future. I was young and made a mistake that haunts me from moving forward with a career and life. So I'm writing you to ask that this change be considered for people with theses same circumstances. What's the point in having a corrections system, if society still views that person with a negative perspective for life. There is no way to move forward in Alabama with a conviction record that lingers to place you in a category which there seems to be no escape from. So please help this movement move forward."

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